Saturday update, video and Annette

It’s been an exciting day for the puppies. They are having lots of opportunities to socialise as now everyone wants to visit them. Today’s visitors were a family who live near us and have one of Queenie’s litter from last year. They are hoping to have a litter with her in another year or so, so it was interesting talking all about it. They were interested in the fact that Arnold will hopefully be a stud dog and then they started wondering about having a boy of their own. I don’t think they will but the puppies all smiled at them sweetly and volunteered their services.


It’s an exciting day for weight gain too. The puppies are now determined to catch up with what they should weigh and everyone put on between 60g and an amazing 190g. Amigo (who is going for weight gain as though it is going out of fashion) is now up to an incredible 1850g, nearly 200g ahead of the next puppies. Aristotle is no longer the smallest. He is 10g ahead of Adrienne, but given that he added 100g and she added 80g, I think they can both be happy.


Andy and Annette

Annette, whose turn it is for a photo and special mention has now reached 1660g and is in equal 3rd place with Arnold Only Alan at 1680 and Amigo are ahead of them. Andy has been giving her lots of cuddles and will be sorry when she eventually goes off to her new home.


Today’s video is here.

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