Sunday 16th October 2011 and Alan

Our dear little puppies have been poorly. When my Mistress went into them last night most of them had had upset stomachs and two said they were feeling very unwell. Avril in particular said she wasn’t feeling quite right, so we called the vet and she came and gave Avril an antibiotic injection and everyone else something to help settle their tummies. Annette said she was ok, so she skipped the treatment, but everyone else said they would be grateful to have a little.


It’s dear little Alan’s turn for me to write about him today. When they

Alan day 28

were born he was one from last in weight, yesterday he was one from first. He was more poorly last night so I don’t know how his weight will be today. He certainly seems bright enough and is munching away happily with the others. He’s a very cuddly puppy. A little bundle of fur and as it turns out teeth as well!. I can’t believe I ever had tiny sharp teeth like those. I suppose I must have done. They are like little razors. I feel so sorry for Shadow. My human granddad after whom he’s named has been busy finishing building a shed for my Mistress. It’s amazing how happy it has made her and all she wants to do now is go and sort the garden things out so she can find everything. Isn’t it funny what makes some people happy? I wonder if little Alan will turn out to be as practical as my granddad.

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  1. I remember having sharp little teeth like that! Or perhaps I should say my humans remember those teeth 🙂

    I hope they’re all feeling better today…

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