Monday 17th October 2011 – the amazing Avril

That’s great, I give you a photo of them sleeping and they think that’s an excuse to spend half the night awake. They demanded feeding twice and seemed to spend the rest of the night leaving little deposits of their last meals. Shadow didn’t bother getting up twice to feed them. She just waved a paw at 1.30am and said they could make do with puppy much while she carried on sleeping. My Mistress was none too thrilled that this meant she had to do the work while Shadow kept sleeping. As if all that wasn’t enough they wanted food again at 7.30, only two hours after the last lot. I think they are determined to catch up on the weight front in one go.

Even though some of them still have slightly poorly tummies, we are going to let them have some time in the playpen. They all asked very nicely if they could go and play with their toys as they missed them yesterday. I was wondering if we all got in with them whether we could have a five a side football match with one of the balls. We could do girls against boys, me and the four boy puppies and Shadow and Megan with the girls. I don’t think the pen is really big enough and they aren’t allowed to play outside. It’s a shame. Maybe if we kept all of them, it might work. All being well it does mean I shall have a video for you later on.

Avril looking shy

Today’s profile is the amazing Avril, the puppy who seems to be able to eat her own weight in food and is piling on the grams in a remarkable fashion. She is a fluffy bundle of fur and, when she isn’t standing in one bowl of puppy mush while eating from another, she is incredibly cute. She entered the world weighing just 336g, equal to Alan and with only Aristotle being lighter. In the early days she didn’t do so well and was alternately last with Aristotle. As recently as day 22 she was the lightest. Not now! Since then she has been munching and by yesterday, despite having been ill, she was 160g heavier than Aristotle If she keeps going at this rate she will overtake everyone.

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