Tuesday update and brilliant video

You are getting this early because the video is the best fun yet. We moved the healthy puppies to the playpen and just manage to get the video set up in time to capture the end of a manic play session. You wouldn’t believe how happy they were to see their toys. They prodded and chewed and even played football. I think the most fun involved the piece of paper they managed to take up, but all in all they were very happy puppies and you can see the video here.

Of course they are still rather like wind up toys and they only keep going until their wind up mechanism winds down and then they instantly go to sleep. The others are having a quieter day but may be allowed up to the pen later.

Weigh in did not go well. I can only assume that pieces of luggage (which the scales are designed for) don’t wriggle about while being weighed. When the item being weighed stays still for a second or two the scales record the weight and lock on it. When a puppy keeps wriggling it can’t find a balance so keeps fluctuating. With two of the boys we had to guess what point it was trying to settle on, so they may not be as precise as we would like, but the others got proper readings. Anyway, the good news is the least weight gain was 50g, but that was Aristotle so it wasn’t quite such good news. The highest was 120g, which means that Avril has overtaken yet another puppy and is now in 3rd place.

They are all getting cuter by the day.

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  1. You have no idea how much you just confused my human – its Tuesday isn’t it? 🙂

    Super cute video today! They look like they’re having so much fun 🙂

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