Wednesday 19th October and Aristotle

Ok, it seems we’re moving. I don’t mean all of us. I just mean that the puppies are now so close to breaking out of the whelping box that they are moving into the playpen full time. In fact, the whelping box is moving into the playpen so that they have their bed there and there is only one lot of cleaning up to be done. It’s quite a process and has involved the deconstruction and reconstruction of the puppy pen. That was necessary both to make it easy to get the whelping box in place and to get enough protection under the floor of the pen so we don’t get puppy pee on the wooden floor. It’s complicated but the pen had been on an angle before so that it stayed on the rubber mat. Now it is a proper oblong to accommodate the corners of the whelping box.


I’m also trying something new for your video later today. It will be at puppy eye height. I thought it might be fun to see the world from their perspective. You’ll have to tell me whether it works or not. The puppies now have a water feeder too. It’s not actually a puppy bowl as my Mistress is still worried that they will fall asleep in it and that would not be good, so she has bought a water dispenser designed for chickens that dispenses more water into a little ring as they drink it, or in the case of puppies, play in it. The woman in the shop was most intrigued by its intended use and if it works I suspect she would like a photograph.


Some of the puppies still have slightly finny tummies but they are improving. Alan was funny last night. He was miserable, I think because he was teething, so my Mistress gave him a cuddle and he peed all over her. After that she wrapped him in a towel and cuddled him in the lounge until he started to get sleepy. He really is the most cuddly puppy. I think I’d like to keep him as well.


Aristotle marching round the pen

Today is the turn of my darling little Aristotle for an update. He weighed 1770g yesterday and is still definitely the smallest. The next one is Adrienne who had made up more in weight to reach 1840g. He is very affectionate and seems to becoming quite attached to my Mistress. She in turn is becoming quite attached to him.

Aristotle mountaineering

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