Wednesday update – and video of puppies at play

Today’s video is definitely fun – you can see it here. The puppies are now playing actively and running around. They have great fun together and have discovered the water feeder.

Only Adrienne and Aristotle have yet to pass the 2kg mark, but at the rate they are going they could both get there tomorrow.

My Mistress’s jeans have been peed on two days running, which the rest of us found quite funny. What I find less funny is that my Mistress keeps bringing tiny puppies to meet me and I simply don’t know what to do with them yet. Maybe in a week or two, but for the moment I find it all a bit daunting. I’m happy to watch over them and go and call someone when they need things doing, but I’m not actually ready to do the taking care of. She pointed out that if I want to keep one then I really have to get used to it and she has a point.

Avril had a visit from her prospective owners today. They are going to give her the pet name of Dora. My Mistress said we would try to get used to calling her by her pet name from now. Human Avril, after whom she’s named is not going to change her name as well so it could all get a bit confusing. Dora (aka Avril) seemed to enjoy being cuddled by them very much indeed and we got the impression she would be very happy. She’s going to live in Hampshire, so it will be a very long way to visit her, but then her brother Amigo is going to live in Hampshire too so maybe they can still see each other.

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2 Responses to Wednesday update – and video of puppies at play

  1. Jude Glynn says:

    They’ve grown up so fast! Love the running 🙂

  2. They are super cute – love the running! dora and Amigo will end up quite close to me in London, that’s great! 🙂

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