Thursday 20th October 2011 – Puppies learn to be naughty! And Adrienne

Last night we only had to get up once in the night to the puppies. When I say ‘we’ strictly speaking I stayed on the bed while my Mistress got up and sorted the feeding and cleaning up. It’s much better now we are all in the office as I can sleep on the bed and get to see everything if I bother to raise an eyelid – although to be honest at 3am there are is a limit to how many eyelids I plan to raise. Fortunately I think we are down to only one puppy with an upset tummy now so the whole clearing up situation is not nearly so bad. Arnold is still a little unwell but this morning he is showing signs of improvement compared to last night so we are hoping the worst is behind us. They are all still happily eating and playing so we are not too worried about any of them.

The puppies are starting to learn two important meanings in life. ‘No’ and ‘leave it’, the latter being applied to puppies running off with the puppy mat that they were supposed to be peeing on. They looked very crestfallen when they had to give it back and it was put in place to be used for its proper purpose. To be fair they were very good at using it yesterday and it did make some of the cleaning up easier.

Today we will do a video from a higher angle and see how it works out. I need to move the camera first so that you get the best view.

Adrienne - 4 1/2 weeks old

Adrienne is the puppy to have her photo taken today. She is now the second smallest and at 1950g we are hoping that today’s weigh in my take her past the 2kg mark. She is lovely. She and Aristotle are very alike. I should take their photo together so that you can see. She is very excited that on Saturday she will meet the friend she is named after. She’s been looking forward to it for weeks.

The puppies have learnt three useful things in the last day. 1) The puppy mat is not attached to the floor and can be played with. 2) newspaper can be shredded and played with 3) they can climb up my Mistress’s pyjama leg and use it as an escape route when she is standing by the door of the pen.

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  1. You’ve taught them well Alfie – the puppies are learning the important lessons of life already. When they are older they can move on to rugs, notebooks and cables. I’m happy to provide lessons! 😛

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