Thursday update and video (with sound) of naughty puppies!

Winter has been officially declared. The outside tap has been wrapped in its winter woollies and the plants have frost proof jackets on. I’m opening a book on the success of the exercise and I’m offering very good odds on the plants still being ok by next spring!

We had an amazing weigh in. Yesterday got out of paw because we tried doing it when the puppies were awake and wriggling. Today we tried a new approach and it worked. If the puppies are asleep they don’t wriggle nearly so much so you get quick accurate readings. Weight gain varied from 60g to a massive 250g! It was Annette who put on the most and little Aristotle the least. Aristotle has yet to break the 2kg mark. He’s still only 1940g.

See today’s video here. You will see them stealing the puppy mat to play with and there is some sound today although nothing like the riot that occurred when they were confined to the whelping box for my Mistress to clean out the rest of the pen. You may not be surprised to hear that once it was clean they came out and pooed everywhere!

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