Friday 21st October 2011 – Was I ever like that as a puppy?

The puppies are getting much closer to sleeping through the night. They had their supper at 10pm last night and didn’t ask for breakfast until 4am. To be fair at 4am only one of them was asking for breakfast, but he woke everyone else. He didn’t go for the quiet polite ‘Please, may I have my breakfast?’ approach. It was more your raucous ‘I want food and I want it now’ type of one puppy riot. It didn’t stop them all deciding they wanted a second breakfast at 7am so we are fully expecting some good weight gains again. I know today is Arnold’s turn and I’ll come back to him in a minute, but I had to share a photo of Aristotle with Megan. My Mistress was giving Aristotle a little cuddle, as she does quite regularly,

Megan and Aristotle

when Megan came in and said she would like him to stay too. She nuzzled up to him and let him lick and nibble at her. He was pulling her ears and her nose and she just let him. Every time he stopped she would give him a little lick. I think she is ready for the opportunity to have puppies of her own.

Amigo has decided he is changing his name. He clearly likes what Dora (Avril) has done and has followed suit with the letter ‘D’. He has been quite imaginative and given that his mother is Aisha Princess of Beauty he has followed the royal title approach and chosen Duke.

Arnold is doing fine. He was the last one to get over being poorly, but yesterday was back to weight gains of over 100g. He’s a very good looking little chap and very caring with it. I

Arnold 21st October

might have told you, he is going to live in the North-west of England. It’s funny, his new mum and dad are about as dotty over him as my Mistress is over me. They have already been posting lots of pictures on Facebook for their friends to see. He’s been asking how soon he can see them again so I think he is more than happy about where he will be going to live. The other good news is that he will be near Annie Entlebucher, so she can give him some guidance on growing up on Shadow’s behalf.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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