Saturday 22nd October 2011 – in need of chew toys

How can a pup sleep like this?

My Mistress is off to the pet shop this morning to buy some chewing toys for the puppies. At the moment they are trying to chew each other and there are only so many squeals you listen to before taking evasive action. She is also going to buy a baby monitor so that she can go back to her own bed and then hear when she needs to get up in the night. I don’t think she wants to stop sleeping with the puppies really, but she has to be strong and she does need to get her sleep.

Megan is not as keen on Adrienne as she is on Aristotle. We did a little experiment yesterday and firstly got Adrienne out and Megan sniffed her and then turned away. Then we got Aristotle out and Megan played with him and then washed him. She was nuzzling up

Megan and Aristotle

to him again and clearly saying she liked him. I on the other paw have made clear to my Mistress that I would rather she didn’t keep any of them as I don’t want my share of her to be further diluted.

This is another picture of Megan with Aristotle. I’ll save doing the picture of Annette until later today. I might try to do another puppy eye view video today too.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

Alfie’s Diary – the Book is available at Amazon UK –

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  1. Could it be, that Aristotle smells more like your mistress than Adrienne? Not that she has any favourites of course 🙂

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