Saturday update – video and Annette

It’s been another busy day and to be fair by Mistress might have got a little carried away in Pets at Home. She was supposed to buy just the odd chew toy. She came back with some very odd chew toys! There are some little pretend bones with nobbly bits on them and a ring and some flavoured pretend bones. If she had stopped there it would not have been too bad, but she also seemed to manage to buy a blue monkey that squeaks and a soft toy bone with a bell in it. Oh, then there was the nice little bowl with paw prints on. She did manage not to buy the cosy little bed that goes in the microwave to warm it through, although she did say that if Aristotle stays he can have one! She has also bought a baby monitor, although it remains to be seen whether it will transmit in our house as nothing else seems to manage!

Today’s video is the puppies feeding from their mum. You can see why Shadow is going off the whole process! You can see it here.

The puppies are being spoilt for visitors. I will post photos of Adrienne with Adrienne soon,

Annette and Andy

but for now it’s Annette’s turn. Andy is getting very attached to Annette and when you look at the pictures you are going to realise it is mutual. She’s a lovely dog. She is one of the largest now and seems to be doing very well. She is quiet, but can hold her own against her more boisterous siblings. She does seem to be at the bottom of the pile very often.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

Alfie’s Diary – the Book is available at Amazon UK –

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4 Responses to Saturday update – video and Annette

  1. Beatris and Paul says:

    Uhhh, how cute little Annette is! Since we visited her and her family almost 3 weeks ago, we’ve spoken of almost nothing else than our “dogli”-to-be. And the more we see and hear of her the more we’re falling in love with her. Actually we can’t wait, to come and get her. I think she’ll be fine with us… our fridge’s never empty! and what’s even more important, we love to cuddle and snuggle as well. We’re not at all surprised that Andy got so fond of her too. It’s a bit sad that she has to leave very soon, but Sidmouth isn’t that far away and Annette’s friends are always welcome to visit her. I guess, my camera will be used “madly”, so that Andy will get pictures of her very often.
    Love to all of you, Beatris and Paul

  2. Jude Glynn says:

    Goodness- poor Shadow! I can well understand her going off THAT!

  3. Carol Beer says:

    From a woman’s point of view, poor shadow, but from a mums point of view she is doing a wonderful job. I am dying to rush out and buy ‘toys’ for Avril (Dora-deux). The puppies seem to have grown so much since last Wednesday.

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