Sunday update, video and the Adriennes!

I think everyone has spent the last day or so growing. There has been an awful lot of sleeping and not as much running around. Weight gains have been modest and to be honest after the frenetic activity of recent days it has been a pleasant interlude. It could just be that they realise it is Sunday and have taken it being the day of rest very seriously, or it could be that they all needed a bit of a break. Shadow has been unwell. She has had an upset tummy and is feeling washed out. It has meant she has not been so keen to feed them either, mainly because when her tummy is off she doesn’t seem to have as much milk. It’s not so bad now they are nearly five weeks old. They will soon stop having milk altogether, but as they are still behind in size my Mistress was trying to keep it going a little while yet. She didn’t get in with the puppies after lunch. Then at teatime she had an argument with my Mistress about it. She said she didn’t want to get in, but I have long since learnt there is little hope of winning an argument against my Mistress so eventually she agreed and the puppies were happy.

I videoed them eating today, as I hadn’t done that for a while. We’ll go for playtime again tomorrow. You can see today’s video here.

This is the Adriennes.

The Adriennes

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

Alfie’s Diary – the Book is available at Amazon UK –

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