Monday 24th October 2011 – five weeks old today and update on Dora (aka Avril)

We have set up the baby monitor and it is very effective. To be honest I think we could turn the volume down slightly or we will be waking up at every little grumble and moan. If you remember back to the incident in which my Mistress managed to buy 100 wrist straps when she needed one for her phone and wanted it to be purple (if you don’t remember, don’t ask, it’s a long story!) she now says she is completely justified as she has used the second one on the baby monitor. So that’s 2 down and 98 to go! To be fair it is 3 down as she sold one to James!

Today is the puppies five week birthday. We’ve come so far in that time. It has been an incredible journey. In many ways we are now counting down to the puppies starting to leave. For those of you who have become addicted to the puppies progress we will do our best to wean you gradually and you will be pleased to know they will not all be going at once. I’m sure some of you will join us in shedding a tear or two every time one flies the nest. In the meantime we still have lots of things to ‘enjoy’. Tomorrow the puppies will receive their next dose of wormer and having put on so much weight will need rather more than they did last time. We are also about to book their appointment to have their microchips fitted. I’m hoping none of them ask me about that as I can still remember my horror at the sight of the needle that inserts the chip and that is nearly six years ago.

Dora (Avril) visits her mum

Well it’s Dora’s turn to be profiled today. We think Dora is going to be the first one to flee the nest, as long as she continues to progress well. It was lovely to read a comment from her future owners. She really did enjoy meeting them and has talked about little else since. It seems a long time since my Mistress was worried about her being the smallest. At 2420g she is doing well and is in the middle band of weight. All the pups are still running about 6 days behind my litter in terms of weight, but all are making steady progress.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

Alfie’s Diary – the Book is available at Amazon UK –

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