Wednesday 26th October 2011 – a confession, an escapee and Aristotle

Ok so I have a confession to make. I’m not coping well with the whole puppy thing. The problem is that she’s my Mistress and she’s the one thing I’m not very good at sharing. I’ve missed sleeping snuggled up to her. I’ve missed getting all the attention and basically I have spent the last 3 days sulking. It isn’t like me to behave like this. I actually refused to spend the night with her when I was allowed to and sloped off turning my back on her. Then it all came to a head yesterday when I spent the day behaving in an outrageous fashion. I kept barking and creating a scene and my Mistress was at her wits end. In the end we sat down and talked about it and she said she would do everything she could to put me first if I would try to understand that the puppies will only be here for another few weeks. I’ve stopped barking and I’m trying to take down the barrier I’d put up, but it isn’t easy when you’ve been hurting and no one really noticed.

Last night wasn’t easy either. 3 adult dogs, 1 small child, 7 puppies, 1 Mistress and one very loud very long thunder storm with lots of lightning. Ah, well, the puppies need to get used to lots of things and in a week or two it’ll be bonfire night so we may as well get them used to odd noises. I suppose I should tell them about Halloween and trick or treat as that comes round first. Perhaps I can show them when we are making our lanterns out of pumpkins this afternoon.

This morning we had our first escapee from the pen. It will not surprise you to hear that it was Duke (Amigo). It was inevitably going to be either him or Alan! The problem then is that so many of them had their paws over the edge that my Mistress couldn’t shut the gate to go in search of him. Fortunately Andy was on hand and very quickly scooped him up so he could be returned to a secure area. This is a problem that is only going to get worse!

Aristotle just after I scared him!

Today it is Aristotle’s turn to have an update. He’s a bright little thing, another one like me where you can see he’s thinking about things. He’s the only one who has asked to have a go on the computer so far and I’ve said I’ll think about it. He weighs 2.6kg now so is still much smaller than some of the others, but he’s come a long way from his 292g starting point. If I leave aside my jealousy, he’s actually my kind of dog. I can really understand why my Mistress has taken to him as she has. He and Adrienne remind me of me and one of my sisters when we were still with our mum. It makes me realise how nice it would be for the two of them to stay together. It’s hard to be separated from all your litter mates and sent off into the world on your own. I do hope the little fellow will be ok when it’s his turn to go. I hope he gets to use a computer at his new home and can write to us.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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  1. Aww poor Alfie, it can’t be easy to share you mistress with all those little pups. I am used to getting all the attention in the world too so I can understand your frustration.

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