Thursday 27th October 2011- Adrienne and toilet training

The puppies are starting to enjoy eating the dry food rather than playing football with it. I can assure them that they will spend their whole lives just as excited every time they see it. It’s part of being a dog. If it is edible it’s worth getting excited about! What is funny is that now when her job is nearly over, Shadow finally decides she does want to feed them after all. She is only going in with them a couple of times a day, but at last she has plenty of milk to go round. The puppies have no complaints.

What is funny is that my Mistress is trying to get them to toilet on newspaper rather than the vet bed – she is fed up of the amount of washing. They have got used to using one particular area so in that area she has put newspaper instead of vet bed. So they can tell the difference she has used the Financial Times which is printed on a pinky coloured newsprint rather than white. I just think we are going to end up with highly educated puppies who understand the financial markets and don’t know where to go to the toilet!

Adrienne and Aristotle

Adrienne was back to being the smallest yesterday. She was only just behind her best friend Aristotle. They really are lovely together. They have very similar dogalities. They are both quiet and calm and don’t take part in the rougher play. They are both very loving and like nothing more than to snuggle up to my Mistress when I let her. I don’t feel as threatened by Adrienne as I do by Aristotle.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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  1. Carol Beer says:

    It would seem, at this time, that the financial times might be an appropriate place for toilet training, at least something will be in the pink. I can’t wait to see the puppies again I hope Dora(avril) will like us, we really liked her.

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