Friday 29th October 2011 – Arnold and a good night’s sleep


Arnold is one excited puppy. His new owners are coming to visit him tomorrow and he says he can’t wait. To be honest he says he’s quite ready to go home with them as life with the seven of them pulling tails, chewing ears and bouncing on each other can get a bit much. He enjoys playing, but he has a more gentle nature than some of the others and says he’d like to be outside having a ball thrown for him in an ideal world. My Master has taken quite a shine to him too.

Weight gains seemed to be back on track yesterday and I’m fully expecting later today to be able to tell you that even the smallest has passed the 3kg mark. It’s amazing to think that in that short time the puppies have increased their body weight by 10 times.

They are done with worming for another couple of weeks, for which they are extremely grateful. Their tummies also seem to be improving again so life has got a whole lot easier and most remarkably they slept through the night last night and didn’t wake up needing feeding until 6am. Either that or my Mistress and I were so tired that we slept through the night and didn’t hear their demands!

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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