Friday update and video

There’s always someone to worry about. Dora(Avril) hasn’t gained any weight since yesterday. Everyone else has put on from 70g to 190g, but little Dora has stayed the same. I said she might be being considerate to the fact that my Mistress has to take them all to the vet on Monday and it isn’t going to be easy to manage all 7 of them, however my Mistress thinks she has worked out a system! Firstly she has made an appointment for a time she hopes they will be sleepy. She’s dreaming! Secondly the plan is that the crate with the lift up lid goes into the boot of the car and she then carries them in the little basket two at a time out to the car and into the vet the other end. I’m not sure at what point she is going to work out that once in the car she will not be able to lift the lid of the crate. Do you think I should tell her or wait for her to realise? The alternative is the bigger crate that has a side door, but you can see it now, every time she opens the door to put another one in then one of the ones already in the crate will escape.

Today’s video is another one that is more close up. The advantage is you can really see some of the puppies playing very clearly, the disadvantage is that what you can’t see off camera is them tearing their toilet area to shreds. You can just imagine what they would make of a toilet roll if they were let loose with it! You can view the video here.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

Alfie’s Diary – the Book is available at Amazon UK –

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  1. So cute! good luck with transporting them all on Monday – looks like you’ll be busy!

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