Sunday update and video

Alan has lost the top spot as the heaviest. Unsurprisingly Duke is back in first place having put on no less than 250g in one day. Everyone added at least 140g. I can also report that an impressive 220g has moved Aristotle out of last place and taken him to within 50g of Dora. In fact it now means that Duke has almost caught up with the lightest from my litter, so well done Duke.

I don’t think I shall be able to leave the puppies with their collars on when we aren’t around. They are as bad as Megan and me for getting hold of each other by the collar. One or two of them have asked to swap because they prefer a different colour to the one they’ve been given, but given that there doesn’t seem to be a combination that would make them all happy they have been told that they have to stick to what they have. Their grey soft toy may need to go to soft toy hospital for an emergency operation on his ear. It is almost at the point of being severed. It reminds me of the many times that my Miffy toy had to have her ears sewn back on before I destroyed her completely.

We have concluded that my problem is somewhere around my shoulder. It doesn’t seem to hurt all the time, but when it does it is very painful. Although speaking as a wimp you have to realise I consider any pain to be too much. My Mistress has agreed to ring the vet for an appointment tomorrow and I’ve promised not to be too melodramatic in the meantime.

Today’s video is here – see how many you can spot according to the collar colour scheme I described earlier. Today’s video is called ‘A visit from mum’.

As it’s Alan’s day, I couldn’t resist bringing you an extra picture of him starting to consider

Alan - a working dog

his role as a working dog.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

Alfie’s Diary – the Book is available at Amazon UK –

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