Thursday update and video

Oh what an exciting day. Both Duke and Adrienne received post of their own. They were such happy little puppies. Adrienne has a blanket with paw prints from her new owner and Duke has blue blanket from his. The puppies are all enjoying sleeping snuggled up to their respective comforters so they can get used to the smell of their new owners, ready for when they move out in a couple of weeks. The comforter also picks up the smell of their litter mates so that when they do move life doesn’t seem so strange. I’ll take some photos when they are ready to have a little sleep.

It has actually been a strange day for them. Moving the whelping box to give a separate ‘containment’ area has confused them. We did it so they got more used to toileting on newspaper that is not necessarily in a fenced off area. Initially it has left them pooing anywhere and everywhere but some of them are beginning to remember that they should go on the newspaper and not the rugs (they now have two rugs – more washing – but they are worth it!) On the upside it has given them more area to play in and they are enjoying that.

Thank you for all the enquiries after my own health. I’m ok. More to the point with the tablets I’m on I don’t really feel the discomfort for several hour of the day. It’s probably bad as I keep forgetting I’m supposed to be resting. My Mistress has concluded that with Megan in season her best bet would be to own a bigger piece of land to exercise us on privately. She needs to throw the ball much further than is possible than in our garden. You can see this being another of her hair-brained schemes. She wishes we had bought the field opposite our house when it was for sale, but there you go.

You can see today’s video here. The puppies have their collars on!

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

Alfie’s Diary – the Book is available at Amazon UK –


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