Friday 4th November 2011 – breakout committee and Arnie

The puppies have formed a breakout committee. They have realised if they push the panels of the play pen hard enough, the very least they can achieve is moving one side off its mat. They are hoping to topple the whole thing over so they can escape. Last time I straightened it out I explained as best I could that if they weren’t careful someone was going to get hurt. Add to the fact that they had chewed through the string holding grey teddy to the bars and were holding him hostage and you can see what happens when seven lively puppies are 6 ½ weeks old. We mounted a rescue bid for grey teddy and I am pleased to report that after some very tricky diversionary manoeuvres, he has been rescued and is now recuperating before going back to face the marauding masses. We did concede one or two of the puppies more reasonable demands and tomorrow as long as the weather is fine, my Mistress has agreed to take them outside for their first experience of the ‘Great Big World’. The problem arose, when we put their ‘holding pen’ near the window and they looked over the edge and saw grass and trees. Since then they haven’t stopped asking if they can go out and see what its really like in the Outside. They won’t all go at the same time as we don’t have a second play pen to contain them and a ratio of 2 adult humans to 7 crazy puppies would not be good.

On a more positive note, overnight the puppies totally got the idea of pooing on the newspaper and not the rugs, so clearing up was much easier first thing.

Arnie protecting his blanket

Arnie is doing very well. He is in the mid-range of size and for the most part is a very gentle dog. He and Aristotle had had enough of some of the bigger ones yesterday and launched a concerted revenge attack, with a large amount of tail pulling, but you could see that they didn’t really have the fight in them. They are both so gentle. When they were offered a cuddle as an alternative they both willingly accepted.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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