Saturday 5th November 2011

This being ill lark does have its compensations. I’ve been treated to breakfast in bed and a very long snuggle session. I’m sorry that means you have had to wait to hear from me, but I was really quite poorly last night and my Mistress was getting very worried about me. She is going to ring the vet on Monday and ask for an ultrasound and x-ray. I was fairly off colour last night and even turned down some broccoli, which is a first. I don’t feel quite so bad this morning, but I’m being careful.

The puppies will not be going outside just at the moment. It is pouring with rain. What was really funny this morning was when my Mistress went into the puppy pen. Her pyjama bottoms are elasticated at the top rather than held up with string. It turns out when seven puppies attach themselves to the legs it pulls them down!

An emergency trip to the newsagent is being undertaken shortly to buy newspapers. It seems an expensive option but the puppies started to eat the puppy mats we tried using instead and that didn’t seem terribly safe.

We are counting down to our first 5kg puppy. Alan reached 4510g today and the rate he is eating it will only be a couple of days until he reaches 5kg. Aristotle is doing his best and has now passed two of the girls and weighs in at 3900g. Adrienne is smallest at 3740g but they are gaining evenly so we aren’t concerned.


Annette is still the heaviest girl and is doing really well. She can hold her own with any of her brothers and to be fair at times she has to. When they all start playing it is not for the faint hearted in there.


Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

Alfie’s Diary – the Book is available at Amazon UK –

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