Thursday update and video

You may spot there are only six in today’s video – don’t worry. Aristotle was out of the pen at the time so that he could try on his new collar and so I could show him how to post my diary tomorrow. The others were also being a bit rough and playing tug so he was happy to be out of things for a while. You can see them here. I don’t think I’ve quite got the camera set up right yet, but it will do for now.

New feeding station

I thought you might like these two pictures too – Aristotle in his new collar

Aristotle's new collar

(my old one!) and the puppies trying out their feeding station.

Just to let you know that James is fine now too. He’s home and the puppies are doing their best to make him feel special.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

Alfie’s Diary – the Book is available at Amazon UK –

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  1. Jude Glynn says:

    Glad James is fine- never a dull moment? x

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