Friday 11th November – an important message from Aristotle and a profile of Arnie

I can’t believe Alfie has trusted me to write his diary when it isn’t supposed to be about me. Obviously I wish he were here instead of the vet but I’ll do my best in his absence. I’m thrilled to have been given a hand me down collar that once was Alfie’s puppy collar. If it means I can stay I am happy to have hand-me-downs. I think I’m still waiting for the real permission from my Master, but I’m trying ever so hard to please him so that he will say yes. James says he wants me to stay and you already know that my Mistress does. I do hope they will let me. I’ve even begun a little bit of my house training and pleased everyone when I dutifully went to the toilet outside on command from Alfie.

I was reading some of the webpages on Alfie’s favourites and it turns out that today is Armistice Day and I just know he would want me to mention it. Today is a particularly special one as it is the 11th day of the 11th month of the 11th year. I’m not a very brave puppy and I don’t like the idea of fighting. I think celebrating peace is a good thing to do and to think about the tragedy of all the people both military and civilian who have lost their lives because people fight. I’m too young to really understand the issues, but I’m going to ask the puppies if they can be silent for just a few moments later to show their respect and ask them if we could have at least a day where they don’t pounce on me.

Today I have to write about my brother Arnie. He’s the super-sensitive one of my brothers. Duke and Alan are great fun and you know around them life is never dull, but Arnie is the one you want to curl up with. He’s the one who started to take care of me when we were still only 13 days old and made my Mistress cry. He loves having his tummy

Aristotle and Arnie

tickled and he will give out kisses to humans with his tail wagging madly. He absolutely knows how to melt hearts and get the best out of people. I’m trying to learn from him but I’m not as brave. I got my Mistress to take a couple of pictures of me with my brother Arnie. I’m on the left.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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