Saturday update and video

The puppies seem to be ready for the big wide world. Lovely as they are they are no longer babies and are ready to start to explore the big wide world. I suggested we should get some fencing and cordon off part of the garden for them to play in safely. I think my Mistress is thinking it will be worth doing before the next litter arrives. When my Mistress goes into the pen to clean up they are like a little group of raptors and cause her all sorts of injuries! One of them tried playing tug with her pyjama bottoms this morning, but sank his teeth into her leg by mistake. You could probably hear her reaction from the next village.

It is now Dora who will be first to go, on Friday. When we told her she was so excited. She was very proud at the thought of being first. She has already started imagining what her new home will be like.

With sadness I have also learnt today of the death of Kenzo at the age of 11. He was one of our small Entlebucher number in the UK and will be very sadly missed by us all. When there are only 25 of us, or now 24, every one is a special friend that you cherish. Our thoughts and prayers are with his owner Lucy at her time of loss. We all have a lot to thank them both for. He was the first Entlebucher in the UK and his litter of puppies were the foundation of our number here. Thank you Kenzo, on behalf of us all.

You can see today’s video here.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

Alfie’s Diary – the Book is available at Amazon UK –

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