Monday 14th November – The last Monday together – and Dora

The puppies leaving home seems awfully close now, although not close enough for some of them! I’ll get used to him being around but I’ve been used to being the only boy. First I was the only pet, then at least I was the only boy, now all I am in the firstborn. Mind you I did get a lovely birthday present. It’s a plastic stick. It loses something in translation to describe it as that, but I’ve always loved running after and carrying sticks and this one will never disintegrate before I get to it. Of course it doesn’t really look or feel like a stick unless you have a good imagination and can picture a fluorescent orange tree with very even branches with rounded ends and no leaves, but a stick it is.

It wasn’t altogether a good birthday. I received news that my aunt Misskin has died. Now I know as a cat we weren’t always the best of friends, but she was still my cousin and she wasn’t that old. I think my paternal grandparents must be feeling very sad right now and I wish I could be there to give them a hug.

This morning the first 3 puppies are off to the vet to have their first injections. The other 4 go this evening. It’s an exciting day for them as in between those two events they have another dose of worming treatment to come. This afternoon we need to fit in time in their collars and time with their blankets as well as weighing them and finishing their puppy folders. Something tells me that not much else is going to get done today.

Dora 8 weeks old

Today is Dora’s turn. She really gets more beautiful by the day. She’ll be leaving on Friday to go to her new home and I know how excited they all are. She’s going to be one very lucky puppy.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

Alfie’s Diary – the Book is available at Amazon UK –

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  1. Carol Beer says:

    She is gorgeous, so lovely and I hear she is bossy too or that character!

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