Monday update and video of puppy consumer test

The puppies were funny this afternoon. Dora and Adrienne were having some time in the smaller pen with their blankets and the others were missing them. Adrienne and Dora were perfectly happy but the boys spent the whole time crying and trying to climb up the pen to get out and join them. I don’t think they are looking forward to going their separate ways. It now looks as though Alan will be first to leave. He can’t believe it. He’s having such an exciting week. He is going to a lovely family and my Mistress met the girl who is going to be his Mistress while she was at Discover Dogs yesterday. He is going to be one very loved puppy.

For tonight’s video you join us for a puppy consumer test. After a suspicion that the puppies now prefer to crunch their food, 3 bowls were filled with dry food and 3 with puppy mush. As you will see 7 out 7 puppies still prefer puppy mush, but will crunch away merrily when the puppy mush comes to an end. See it here.

After they visited the vet today for their first injections I can report that they are all doing very well. None of them have a heart murmur or any other noticeable problem. Two boys now have both testicles descended, which is one better than I ever managed and depressingly one of them is Aristotle! The other two have one yet to descend, but it is still early so there is no reason for alarm. Teeth, ears, eyes all seem fine and generally they are very happy little puppies.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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