Friday 18th November 2011 – Preparing to part

Friday 18th November 2011 – Dora packs her case.

Well, Adrienne had a phone call to say she could definitely go home on Sunday so she is very excited. She has promised to write to Aristotle regularly and tell him what it’s like up


there. Arnie and Dora are packing and are both very excited and Alan has changed his name to Rafa in honour of the Swiss tennis player. It really is all happening for the little puppies. Here, Megan is at last far enough through her season that she can start going out for walks again but is disappointed to learn


that her first walk is to the vet to get her annual boosters.

Duke spent some of yesterday afternoon and evening wandering round the pen looking lost and searching for Rafa (Alan). At one point he kept pouncing on all his other brothers and sisters to see if one of them would play with him. I think he has found the separation to be quite difficult.

Later today we will bring you as it happens reports of Dora setting off for Hampshire and Arnie leaving for Cheshire. At that point I think my Mistress is hoping to reduce the pen size again, or at least she will when they go to bed tonight. Tomorrow, Duke will be setting off and then we’ll be down to just three. My Mistress has asked if she can start weighing us each day to help her get over the habit of weighing the puppies. Somehow I think she will be able to find better things to do.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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