Sunday 20th November 2011 – it’s all gone quiet in the pen

Adrienne before she set off

If you disregard the sound of my Mistress blubbering, it’s a very quiet day. Ok, I may be exaggerating, but she certainly shed a tear when Adrienne left this morning. Now we just have five dogs in the household rather than the 10 we had last Wednesday morning. Megan’s hormones are returning to something nearer to normal and she’s off for a long walk today and I had a nice lie in. It’s strange trying to work out what the new normal will look like. For the time being Aristotle will spend much of his time with Annette, although they are both starting to undergo their toilet training regime so it won’t be quite so messy round here either. The initial results have been mixed. Aristotle followed my lead and peed as intended but Megan had less success showing Annette. Annette did enjoy eating a carnation and a lead though! They both came in and promptly pooed, so it may not have been entirely successful.

The remaining two

The day has continued in a quiet vein, although with occasional events. I got to play with my new stick and suddenly I realised there was a point behind Aristotle. I invited him to play with me. To be fair he ran away from ‘the big scary dog with the orange stick’, but I’m sure he’ll get the hang of it. Shadow isn’t behaving awfully well towards him. She is very insistent that he know who is boss and proceeded to ‘slam dunk’ him across the patio before my Mistress intervened. Annette hates being in the pen on her own and cries unceasingly so we have to take her out as much as we can too. As long as they are both there and my Mistress is in the office they are happy.

My Mistress has been reorganising the utility so there is space to put all the whelping things away. She has also been creating space to save every newspaper that crosses our threshold. It was also an opportunity to go through the cupboard to find the puppy sized harness and one or two bits and pieces that haven’t seen the light of day for a while. I’m just glad the young whippersnapper isn’t getting new things. However, I am not happy that my Mistress is investing in a dog rucksack so she can walk him when she takes Megan and carry him when he gets tired. Why did I never have that luxury and why won’t she do it for me now? Ok may she would struggle to carry 30kg of dog, but she could do some muscle building to help.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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  1. A doggie rucksack? You better watch out Alfie or little Aristotle will get lots of extra benefits like coming to the supermarket and other paces where you can’t join your mistress! 🙂

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