Friday 25th November 2011 – a little late

So much to tell you and as I write I have no idea whether you will get to read it today or not. Our phone lines are down and of course with it our internet connection. It is only when you lose things like that you realise just how much you have come to depend on them. My Mistress’s ‘to do’ list for the day is looking a little tragic as I write this. She was going to start by ordering food from the supermarket to be delivered over the weekend. Not a hope. She was going to update her search for a new car. Nope. Oh the list is endless. It is all being struck out and replaced with ‘play with the dogs’, or at least that is what I suggested. Her suggestion that she could get round to making the Christmas cake seemed less appealing as she steadfastly refuses to let me lick the bowl.

One nice thing today was seeing my old friend Matt the electrician. I got to know him when he was doing all the work on our house and I haven’t seen him for a while. I did of course proudly introduce him to little Aristotle, he doesn’t need to know I don’t like the little fellow. I’m also regretting starting ‘The Aristotle Fan Club’ as my Mistress is now sporting one of my sweatshirts with that slogan on it. I suppose she is hoping people will think she is in some way intellectual. That will work for as long as she doesn’t speak to them!

One good thing of having a small puppy around is we are back into the whole wonder of Christmas and as today is exactly a month to the big day it seemed a good opportunity to explain to Aristotle the whole concept of Santa only coming if he is good and does everything I tell him to on a daily basis. Bless his little heart, he sat there in wide eyed innocence asking whether I really thought Santa would bring him presents if he were good. That was the point I chose to introduce the Tooth Fairy to the conversation. Mind you, with my Mistress looking forward to making a wish when she stirs the Christmas cake, I’m not actually certain which of the family has the most tenuous grip on reality!

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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