Tuesday 29th November 2011 – the last puppy leaves the nest

Today is the day. The last puppy will be leaving this morning. It is going to be very sad saying goodbye to little Annette today. Aristotle is going to miss her very much indeed. I’m softening towards the little chap, now that I can actually play with him. I also think it’s a shame that Shadow isn’t being so nice to him. I suppose it was inevitable I’d take him under my wing at some point.

Annette will find it strange being in a new house without any of us dogs around for company. I know she will be spoilt rotten and will be very happy once she has settled, but I’m a little bit worried about her.

Annette preparing to depart

I’ve just had to break off as Annette was leaving. She seems very happy with her new owners. She has a lovely collar with Swiss flags on it that looks rather like mine, but smaller. I’m now having to contend with Aristotle being around the office rather than in his pen. He’s doing all the right things including rolling over and saying I’m the boss, but he’s doing a few wrong things too, like peeing on the rug. He can move very fast and has run into several things already. Why is it me that has to do the baby sitting? Why can’t Megan do some of it? I suppose having said that I wouldn’t want to be sent out of the office and it makes sense at the moment for Aristotle to be there. The good thing is that Ari gets tired quite quickly so he only bugs me in short bursts.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind alfie@alfiedog.me.uk

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