Tuesday 6th December 2011 – supervising breakfast

Mornings are difficult. My breakfast is gone quite quickly and I am then faced with supervising while Ari has his. He takes a long time, which leaves plenty of opportunity for

Supervising breakfast

me to look longingly at his bowl while I’m waiting for him to finish. He’s a funny little puppy. My Mistress says he is the first dogs she has known to burp loudly. Admittedly this morning he thought he needed to be sick and when instead he brought up a load of wind he did seem very surprised as well as us.

We had our first snow yesterday. It didn’t settle but it was combined with freezing rain, which the little fellow found quite an unpleasant surprise when he went outside. There is a perfectly good bathroom by the back door, why exactly can’t we use that? It’s inhumane to make us go out in these conditions.

I have to take the little runt to the vet today. I’m having a check up on my hip, which does seem an awful lot better and he has to have his booster injections. The good thing with that is that it means he can start going out for walks and the more of his energy that is used up outside the house the better as far as I am concerned.

If I’m lucky later today there will be time to ice the Christmas cake. Whilst my paws aren’t so good for helping with a job like that, there is no harm in sitting nearby and licking up all the icing sugar that inevitably provides a fine dust over every surface. I shall tell Ari that it is radio-active so that he keeps away and I can lick it all up. That’s the best bit of an eleven week old puppy, they are so gullible. He also thinks the cookie monster will get him if he doesn’t leave a trail of breakfast across the floor that I can eat to help protect him. I’m working on other ideas, but I think suggesting that Santa is an evil man and he shouldn’t accept presents from him might be going a bit far.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind alfie@alfiedog.me.uk

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