Sunday 11th December 2011 – Santa is faulty

Obviously I don’t mean the real Santa. I wouldn’t like to be found criticising him in any way in case he were to leave me off his present list in retaliation. However, while we were in Belgium we bought a rather wonderful Santa decoration that has him climbing up a string of lights. In theory you put it on the outside of your house so that it looks as though he is climbing up to the roof. In practice we have always been too lazy to do that and he has been given pride of place in the hall, climbing up the outside of the stairs. Although why he would choose to do that when he could so easily climb up the stairs themselves certainly beats me. Anyway, this year half his lights aren’t working and on further investigation there seems to be a loose or broken wire, but when it does connect it’s starting to get hot. So Santa has been considered unfit to plug into an electrical socket and has had his plug cut off. Santa looks very forlorn in the dark in the hall.

Yesterday we were driving my Mistress utterly to distraction. Now that my leg is better and I have the youngster to look after, I’m finding myself behaving more like a puppy again. Ari and I were running in circles round the office with grey bear. Obviously grey bear wasn’t doing a great deal of running, but some of the time I carried him and Ari chased us both and then sometimes I let Ari carry grey bear and I chased them. The girls were in the other room with the children, but we are always where my Mistress is. The problem was that my Mistress was trying to concentrate on something and it was driving her crazy. When we are worn out, I lie on the settee watching my Mistress work and Ari has taken to lying in the bed at the side of her watching her. It would be no good if she suffered from paranoia!

Watching my Mistress

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

Alfie’s Diary – the Book is available at Amazon UK –

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