Wednesday 14th December 2011 – Aristotle’s Wednesday

I was going to be telling you all about my first walk, but there is something more important than that. My Uncle Freddy, Mum’s brother, died yesterday. I know Alfie told you he was ill and asked you to pray for him. He seemed to be doing better and we were all so happy, but he couldn’t fight anymore. Uncle Rocky, his brother that he lived with and all his human family will miss him very much. Shadow is very subdued and our Mistress cried. She saw Freddy when he was just one day old. She came and gave us all an extra special cuddle and told us how much she loved us.

My week has been a scary one. Most of it has been ok, but yesterday really freaked me out. I’ve got used to my surroundings and I’ve been out in the car or carried by my Mistress, but yesterday I went out on a lead. As in I actually walked out of the front door on my own four feet. I was excited for the first few meters, but then we went into the open lane and it was all so new and different that I didn’t know what to do. I was doing ok until I saw the oil lorry delivering fuel down the road. It was making quite a noise and I didn’t want to get any nearer. In the end my Mistress picked me up and carried me for a while, still towards the oil lorry with me shaking. She carried me all the way down the road, the lorry went right past us. When we got to the post box I had to sit on the ground while my Mistress put a letter through the little slot. Then I had to walk home on my own paws. I wasn’t so sure so my Mistress went at a slow trot so that I didn’t really have much chance to think about it and just had to keep up. It turned out it was quite fun and I enjoyed it. Even better, when we got home I got a rub down with a towel and a big cuddle and a treat. It felt as though I was growing up all of a sudden. I even spent half an hour with my mother without serious incident and that in itself is an achievement. I think now I’m getting a bit bigger it is a bit easier to deal with her. I now know not to try to get any milk and she isn’t so keen to bash me to the floor. I wasn’t so thrilled when she ate my breakfast this morning when my Mistress wasn’t looking.

family and friends

Alfie wanted to share this lovely picture with you. It’s got some of our friends and family in Switzerland on it. Niro is a cousin of Alfie, Asta is Megan’s grandmother, Siska-Sira is Megan’s aunt, Flory is her mother and Erla was Alfie’s great-grandmother, sadly she died a couple of years ago. She was very old. When I’m grown up my Mistress has said we can have a doggie party like this. It would be funny to be all sitting at the table, we’re not normally allowed to do that, although Mum does it whenever anyone isn’t looking!

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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