Thursday 15th December 2011 – New Year’s Resolutions

The little runt is growing up. Aristotle had to be weighed for his worming tablets yesterday and he is now an incredible 9.3kg. At this rate he will be heavier than me before you know it. The only problem is that as yet he can’t go downstairs. It means my Mistress has to carry him when there are stairs. In most houses that doesn’t present a problem but in our house there are stairs up to the office from the kitchen and there are stairs down to the back door. It means carrying him down 14 stairs every time he needs to go out and that’s a lot of carrying. When he was small it wasn’t a problem but a wriggling ten kilogram lump can be very difficult to keep hold of.

Today’s photo had to be Megan. She decided to pose in my Mistress’s reindeer antlers

Megan the red nosed reindeer

yesterday. To be fair I think they quite suit her. She said she wouldn’t mind wearing them to go out in to see how people react, although I suspect the most likely result would be that they would fall off into the mud as soon as she started running anywhere.

Because Aristotle is still peeing much too often at times through the day, my Mistress had to get him to do a urine sample for her to take to the vet. It was quite funny watching her chasing him round the garden with a little pot.

My Mistress has already reviewed her last year’s new year’s resolutions to see how many she has succeeded against. I said given there are two weeks of the year left wasn’t she being a little premature? Who’s to say that she won’t find the courage to get on an airplane again in next two weeks? She made ten for the year and achieved five and two halves! She is counting success as six and therefore better than being half successful. She has abandoned flying from this year’s list. I think she has given up hope. However she has set some fairly encouraging ones including getting our breed numbers to thirty in the country this year and we’re right behind her on that one. I wonder what I should set as my resolutions. I’ll give it some thought during my next nap.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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2 Responses to Thursday 15th December 2011 – New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Megan looks lovely as usual! *waggy tail*
    (a photo of your mistress running a round with a pot chasing Ari would have been fun too!)

    • Alfie says:

      If you think I was likely to be going outside with the camera at 5.40am just to get a photo for you, when there was a warm bed to be slept in, then you are overestimating my commitment to the cause 🙂

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