Tuesday 20th December 2011 – test your dog’s IQ

I’m not supposed to know, but I saw the pack when the delivery arrived. One of our Christmas presents is a test your dog’s IQ set. I wonder which one of us will come out best. My Mistress always calls Shadow her ‘bimbo’ and says she hasn’t got much going on between the ears. Wouldn’t it be funny if she were to prove my Mistress wrong? My Mistress says she thinks that Ari has his dad’s brains, even though he looks so like his mum. I do hope I come out of the test all right. It would be so embarrassing to be beaten by a puppy.

I’ve been grateful for the extensive support over the marzipan incident. It may not surprise you to know that the rest of the fruit and veg has been made and put away on top of the fridge-freezer where none of us can reach. I am pleased to say there was still some that hadn’t been coloured in the cupboard, so when the vet gave me antibiotics yesterday I was able to have them wrapped in a little marzipan, so I am guessing my rehabilitation on the marzipan front is complete. The antibiotics are because I’m still having problems with my bottom. I’ve now got an infection in one of my anal glands and it really is very sore. Being a dog, I keep licking it, but to be honest I think I may be making it worse. I really can’t wait for the antibiotics to start to work. Ari is hoping I feel better soon too as I didn’t feel so much like playing yesterday and he missed me. It made me feel very warm when the little chap said that. There are still odd times I want my own space, but overall I really rather like having him around. I understand him so much better than I do the girls. I found this picture of me playing with his mum when she was just a bit younger than Ari is now. They really are so alike.

Me with Shadow as a pup

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind alfie@alfiedog.me.uk

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