Thursday 22nd December 2011 – not one of our better days

Yesterday really should have been Monday – that way it would have counted as Monday Mischief, but it wasn’t it was more Disaster Wednesday. I was left in charge of Ari. I knew it was a bad idea. It wasn’t as though we’d been on our own for long. My Master and Mistress were doing the sorting out in Andy’s room and they had been gone about 45 minutes. The problem was that we were hungry and whilst I was content to simply moan that tea was late and not do anything about it, Ari said why didn’t we have a look to see if there was anything to eat in my Mistress’s handbag. You can imagine the scene she came down to. There were tissues shredded around the office and half a pencil. She found the cheque book with teeth marks under the settee. There was money with corners nibbled. A

Ari's tooth work

Boots Advantage card that frankly would be no advantage to anyone and then there was the throat lozenges and the paracetemol, except there weren’t. There were the empty packets. My Mistress was horrified and tried asking us exactly how many we’d had and whether I had any of them. From her reaction, I knew it was bad. She searched to see if we had spat them out and found some bits of tablets but only about one tablet. So there were up to seven unaccounted for. At that point the emergency procedures were rolled out and we were carted off to the vet as quickly as we could get there. Despite my protestations I was treated as well, just in case I had had any. We were both given injections to make us sick and boy were we sick. What was alarming was how the humans then analysed the contents of our sick. The red bits turned out to be bits of Mr Happy and thankfully not blood, there were bits of chews from me and some silver paper and a section of the pencils plastic coating from Ari. There was no particular sign of tablets but apparently they dissolve quite quickly. We had something to help our tummies and we have tablets for a few days, but basically we have to wait and hope that little Ari will be ok. We won’t know for a while. In a week or so we need to watch that he doesn’t start drinking more. To be on the safe side we can have blood tests taken in a few weeks to make sure our organs are working ok. It’s Ari we are worried about. When you only weigh 10kg and are 13 weeks old you really shouldn’t be taking any paracetemol. My Mistress decided to sleep downstairs with us both in case we were sick in the night. It really wasn’t one of our better days. It’s a shame as it got off to a much better start with the recovery of the Kindle.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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  1. Oh Ari! So full of initiative but not yet old enough to know what to look for in a woman’s handbag! I chewed up my human’s wallet with all the bank cards and everything when I was a little bit older than him and I do love the little packets with tissues that smell of peppermint and lip balm is pretty tasty too – but Ari you have to stay away from anything that looks like medicine! I’m sure with the quick vet visit you’ll be just fine, but I will keep all my paws crossed until I know you’re both Okay!

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