Sunday 25th December 2011 – Aristotle’s first Christmas

It’s Ari here. Santa came and I’m such an excited puppy. I’ll be good and tell you about that in a minute, but it’s so exciting I have presents, lots of presents, but first…

I didn’t get to write the diary on Wednesday so Alfie said I could send you all a message today. Actually it’s from all of us. Mum, that is Shadow, asked if I would especially send her greetings to our dad, Rino, and to Arnie, Rafa, Duke, Dora, Soggeli and Addie – that’s what all my brothers and sisters have ended up being called. It’s days like today when I wish we could all be together, but at least I get to see Mum, which is more than the others do. She also asked to send greetings to her brothers Kai and Rocky and hopes that particularly

Me and Ari

Rocky has a good Christmas as he must be missing their brother Freddy. Megan asked if I could send greetings to all her family and friends in Switzerland, especially her Mum and all the 2 legged and 4 legged family who live with her. She hopes her mum’s recovery is going well. Alfie sends Christmas wishes to his Papa Elio in Switzerland and his Mum Anka in Belgium and all his family there. By that point we had all got a bit emotional. I just wanted to get on with the present opening, but it seemed a bit rude when they were all talking about their families. In the end I sneaked off to look under the tree and see what I could find. I must have been a very good little puppy. I couldn’t believe all the presents I found with ‘To our darling Aristotle’ written on the tags. That’s me. I’m their ‘darling Aristotle’. I felt all emotional after that and nearly went back to join the family discussion, but I couldn’t resist just a little peep at what was inside the wrapping first. I’ve got my own cow. My very own cow. Ok, so it’s blue and it’s not a real one, but it is still a cow and I plan to herd it all round

Ari and blue cow

the house. I’ve got some other toys too, but at the moment I just want to focus on having my own cow. For a cattle herding dog you really can’t overestimate the sheer joy of having a cow of your own. I’m going to ask for a real one for my birthday.

I think in the past Alfie has done a bit of a Christmas message but then he was older than I am by the time he wrote his diary for a first Christmas and I just want to go and play with my cow. I thought it best to let him have the last few words of the day.

It’s Alfie here. Ari has just zoomed off with his cow and left the computer to me. I don’t need to give you lots of advice this Christmas. I think I’m going soft in my old age. Wherever you are and whatever you are doing have a wonderful Christmas and take a little extra time to snuggle up to your dog, walk him (if he is the exercise type of dog), light a fire in the grate for him to lie in front of and tell him how much you love him. Of course, do remember to give him an extra portion of turkey as well. I’m off to find my Mistress and spend the day loyally by her side, particularly as she prepares the meals of the day. You can never be too close at times like that!

A very happy Christmas to you all, with love from Alfie and Aristotle.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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2 Responses to Sunday 25th December 2011 – Aristotle’s first Christmas

  1. Merry Christmas Ari and Alfie – I’m off to sniff out what Santa’s left under the Christmas tree for me now! I hope I get a cow like Ari, that would be great *waggy tail*

  2. Addie says:

    Alfie & Ari – Sasha and I got a few toys that we play with together and we got to play dishwasher. Sasha said it was a good gig, i.e. clearing plates after the humans were done. It was beef wellington so let’s just say. Jackpot!!

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