Wednesday 28th December 2011 – Aristotle’s last post of the year

Do you think that being the best at something is challenge to rise too? Apparently I’m the best at being a naughty puppy that my Mistress has ever had. To be fair I’m only her fifth puppy but I’m doing particularly well on the naughty scale. I think it’s because I’m the spoilt baby of the house, but it isn’t as though I am allowed to get away with anything. It’s just that I copy all the things the others do and then add puppy behaviour on top of it. I’m not doing well on house training, but that is sheer laziness on my part. I exceeded all expectation on that front yesterday and was in serious trouble. I was lying on the settee in the office, which thankfully is principally a dog settee and I woke up needing the toilet. I

My appealing look

am told that I am the only dog my Mistress has ever seen do this and apparently it is not all right! I just raised my sweet little behind off the settee and peed where I was. I didn’t even bother standing up completely. Boy, was I told off. It has been made clear to me in no uncertain terms that that is not acceptable behaviour in a puppy or any other age of dog. As my Mistress saw me do it she was able to get to the puddle before it soaked through the cover and I’ve done no permanent harm, but it has been explained to me that I am not to do it again. Then there’s the shoes. It’s only one particular pair that my Mistress puts on to take us outside. There is just something about them. I keep carrying them off and nibbling the laces. I haven’t actually done any damage yet, which is more than can be said for the cable to the camera or the rubber turkey that Alfie was given for Christmas, neither of which resemble their former identities. I’m as fast as lightning if there is a gap I want to get through and poor Mr Happy has seen better days. However, I am incredibly cute. I am very cuddly. I’m doing really well on my training when we go out, although I save peeing and pooing for being at home, and I pick things up quickly – just not always the right things! What can I say, I’m a puppy!

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

Alfie’s Diary – the Book is available at Amazon UK –

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2 Responses to Wednesday 28th December 2011 – Aristotle’s last post of the year

  1. Katie W Stewart says:

    You sound just like many other pups…only better and cuter, of course! I’m sure your mistress loves you dearly really, even when she’s cross at you.

  2. Oh Ari – enjoy puppyhood while it lasts! There’ll be plenty of time to pee outside when you’re older *waggy tail*

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