Saturday December 31st 2011 – Thank you to all our loyal readers

Thank you to all our loyal readers for being with us throughout the year. It has been an exciting year with a fair amount of trauma. It has had emotional highs and lows and for me has had the best present of all in a puppy of my own. I know I wasn’t sure about Ari at the start, but it’s kind of cool to have my own pet and you have to admit he’s cute. In the few short weeks we have been together we have started to share everything. He makes me feel year’s younger and I count myself a very lucky dog. I will even give up my chew for him and that is really saying something. I won’t give a chew to just anyone.

I’m in charge today, which probably means something will go wrong. My Mistress has gone to have her hair cut and just to be difficult that involves going all the way to Birmingham. I’m left here to look after my Master, Andy, Megan, Shadow and Ari. It’s a tough job but someone had to take on the mantle of responsibility. To be fair, most it involves looking after Ari which is a full time job in itself. He’s gone off eating at lunchtime, which to be honest is a shame as I enjoyed the extras. We’re all now on 2 meals a day, but different food according to our size and age. I said to my Mistress that it would be easier when Ari and I are on the same food, but that won’t happen for very long as a I will move onto the ‘senior’ food. I said I would only do that if I was issued a free bus pass at the same time. At least as I enter my older years I will have a young dog around to bring me my slippers and keep me entertained.

This is my 'don't mess with me' look.

I’m going to spend my afternoon setting new year’s resolutions with Ari and the girls. I’ll tell you what we’ve all decided tomorrow. Although I think I can give you a sneak preview and say I’m resolving to shed the extra pounds I’ve put on over Christmas!

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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  1. Carolb says:

    Happy New Year Alfie, and to Ari and the girls too.

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