Sunday 1st January 2012 – Our New Year’s resolutions

A very happy 21st birthday to my cousin (whose party I am off to as soon as I have finished writing this) and a very happy new year to everyone else. My cousin went to Switzerland with Shadow and Megan in the summer, but only Ari and I can go to his party as my Mistress said it is hard to manage all four of us when she is travelling on her own. He’s a particularly strange 21 year old as he is having a ‘breakfast party’ which unless he is staying up for it from the night before makes him a little odd for his age! We didn’t stay up late last night as we needed to get up early to drive to Leicester this morning.

I promised to bring you news of our new year’s resolutions. I will go through each of us in turn. I’m the eldest so it’s me first. I’m resolving to lose the extra kilo or two that has appeared from nowhere. My Mistress says it is because I keep helping Ari with his food, but I can’t believe that is the cause. I think it has more to do with it being a warm winter and my extra reserves of body fat proving unnecessary. I have also resolved to bring out another book this year and will be diligently starting to write it next week. With Ari to take care of, I shall have to find time while he’s asleep, but that shouldn’t be too bad, except I quite like to go to sleep then too.

Shadow is resolving to get her figure back after having her litter, although to be fair she’s pretty much done that already so I told her she had to add something else too. She says she is going to do her best to pass her gold award in dog training.

Then we come to Megan. She sat and fluttered her eyelashes at us and asked for suggestions. Despite her making me smile with her girlish charm I was stern with her and said there were several things it would be helpful if she would resolve not to do. I said please could she not bark quite so often as it was even wearing thin with me and could she stop fighting with me at breakfast. My Mistress asked if she could get a little less over excited all the time, particularly at dog training and then maybe this year there would be half a hope of her passing her gold award.

Then we came to the little fella. He was looking all innocent and ‘butter wouldn’t melt…’ I

Butter wouldn't melt in his mouth!

suggested he could get the hang of toilet training and maybe stop running off with my Mistress’s shoes. Shadow asked if he could stop thinking she might still have some milk for him and Megan said could he just leave her alone as she finds him really rather annoying. He looked a little sad so I took him off for a game of tug and told Megan not to be so mean.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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