Monday 2nd January 2012 – The country’s going to the dogs – or at least it should be!

Have any of you noticed that it’s 2012 and the world hasn’t actually ended yet. The only

A new era

place in the world that has had any time related incident was Samoa, which lost a day because of the International Dateline moving, but as you can see there is a rational explanation. Of course, if we were following the Mayan calendar that caused all the trouble in the first place, by running out of numbers, it probably isn’t a January date we need to worry about. We can either look forward to the calendar and therefore the world coming to an end sometime later in the world, in which case it will be the more galling to the Samoans that they were also deprived of an extra day, or we are now in the year 1 and it is a beginning of a new era. I prefer the latter idea and am working on the theory that the time for the ‘rule of the dogs’ has come.

Now I know the prospect of your cute little friend taking over running the country, and for that matter your household, may seem an outlandish idea, but think about it for a minute. At the moment the economy is in the hands of humans. The Euro is falling apart, the banking system is straining at the edges, businesses are going bust – can your family dog really make much more of a mess of things? We’ll work in partnership with humans as the junior partners. We won’t ask for hefty bonuses, just an extra biscuit now and again. We don’t live to such old ages to put a strain on the services provided and we love working. All we need is a pat in gratitude. What could go wrong?

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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  1. What could possibly go wrong indeed! *waggy tail*

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