Wednesday 4th January 2012 – I’m a celebrity

Ok, so I’m not exactly a celebrity yet, but I’m going to be doing my first ever interview and I am so excited.  What do you think I should wear? That’s probably an irrelevant question as I suppose I will do the interview by email or phone, but it might be television next. I shall need an agent to manage my celebrity appearances, do you think my Mistress will do or do I need someone outside the family? What if I get an invite to be on Big Brother? I could be the first dog on ‘I’m a celebrity get me out of here’. Of course the Bush Tucker challenges would become pretty meaningless as I’ll eat anything without a moment’s hesitation- they may however need to send in a special poo clearer to deal with the consequences.

Ari has hurt his leg. You’d hardly know from the way he is running round but every so

let sleeping dogs lie

often he is limping. My Mistress has given him a full examination and concluded he has just pulled a muscle so is trying to encourage him to rest. Have you ever tried persuading a three and half month old puppy to slow down? Well I can assure you it isn’t easy. He’s a bundle of energy. It makes me tired just watching him.

My Mistress has been sorting out all the arrangements for Megan to go for her final breeding tests in April. It’s very exciting hearing them planning. When my Mistress told Megan which hotel s they would be staying in, she nodded sagely as they were the ones she stayed in last year with Shadow.  Megan is most excited about seeing her mum and family. She loves her trips to Switzerland. I said I’d like to go too, so that I could meet my dad, but it is much easier to travel with one dog than two and apart from that Aida (another Entlebucher we know) and her owner are going too, so it would be three of us with me. I can’t really leave Ari to be looked after by Shadow either. It wouldn’t be fair on the little chap.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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