Thursday 5th January 2012 – Aristotle squeezes in

I was supposed to write the diary yesterday. I’m sulking just a little bit because Alfie forgot

A comfortable spot

to let me. He wanted to write today’s too because he was so excited about getting a 5* review on Amazon about his Alfie’s Woods book. I promised if he let me write it that I would tell you about it for him. It says “This is a real feel good book that will make you smile all the way though. Alfie and Rosemary have invented some really interesting characters and the setting for the book is just wonderful as seen through young Alfie’s eyes. You can’t wait to find out what will happen next to Alfie and his new friends as they set off finding one adventure after another in their beloved woods. Highly recommended!” Even I was impressed by that!

Anyway, enough of Alfie, it’s my turn. I’m teething. Don’t you just hate it? I feel the need to chew on things constantly. I’ve got teething toys but I tend to prefer dog chews or failing that an arm, leg, or the side of my plastic bed. The humans moan when it’s their arm. I can’t think why. I rarely leave holes that are very deep. It’s not my fault my gums are sore. My Mistress says a little whisky rubbed on them might help but she thinks I’m too young to start on the whisky. Why suggest it if she isn’t going to let me try? That just seems plain mean.

I woke up feeling sick this morning. I wretched for long enough to get my Mistress’s attention and as soon as she picked me up I said I was feeling ok. It meant we had to go outside though and then got to spend the rest of the night all cuddled up on the sofa, so it was definitely worth it.

Alfie might have to have an operation. His anal glands are just not improving. It’s very unpleasant for all of us. It’s bad for him because they hurt but for the rest of us because he smells!

Sorry, I’ve got to go. I’ve got a burning urge to chase my tail.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

Alfie’s Diary – the Book is available at Amazon UK –

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2 Responses to Thursday 5th January 2012 – Aristotle squeezes in

  1. Poor little Ari – I remember how much teething hurts! Tell your humans to freeze some bananas, carrots, or even tinned dog food inside a Kong – they taste yummy and are so cool it soothes your gums a little!

    • Alfie says:

      Well, I’ll try anything once for the little fella – the banana is mushed up and in the kong freezing. I do hope he likes it. It was so hard not to eat the banana.

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