Saturday 7th January 2012 – I’ve been interviewed!

You just have to read the interview I did for my friend Alfie Entlebucher I am honoured to have had the opportunity and so happy he liked reading Alfie’s Woods. The book got right up to number 12400 in the book charts yesterday. It’s gone down a bit since then, but I’m hoping that maybe it can shoot up again. I know 12400 doesn’t sound good but we started at lower than 70000 so it is when you look at the big picture.

It made me start reminiscing about the lovely woods we used to walk in and I do wish we had something like that here. Oh there are lovely places to walk, but it was very special in Belgium. I started telling Ari all about it and then he made me read him the book. He kept

My woods in winter

asking me questions about what life was like back then and I sighed deeply. I used to have my Mistress all to myself. I used to be young without these grey hairs and my brown bits were a rich bronzed brown. My fur used to be as soft as Ari’s and everyone would coo over me and say how beautiful I was. By the end of it I was feeling quite sorry for myself. My Mistress told me not to be so ridiculous and to think of all the good things now. That’s easy for her to say. I liked our quiet life. To be honest I’ve been out of sorts since I’ve been on these new antibiotics. I don’t know whether they are working or not but they have certainly left me a bit irritable. I think I need a holiday. Maybe I’ll suggest that to my Mistress. Perhaps just the two of us could have a few days away together.


Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

Alfie’s Diary – the Book is available at Amazon UK –

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  1. Thanks for letting me interview you on my Blog Alfie – and good luck with your book. I’m keeping my paws crossed you become the new JK Rowling *waggy tail*

  2. RumpyDog! says:

    Oh Dog! I loved your interview! It’s great!

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