Sunday 8th January 2012 – Torture by marmalade

Yesterday there was a highly successful walk where Ari got to go out with the girls. He wasn’t allowed to run through all the mud with them, but all three of them declared it a huge success and have slept soundly ever since. Ok the sleeping is a bit of an exaggeration but we did get a lie in this morning which is always welcome and happens so rarely. I should probably feel a little jealous as I was left at home, but with my heart murmur I don’t find I can walk as far as that, particularly in heavy muddy conditions. I do end up getting very tired. Anyway, I got a beautiful time at home alone, with no one to disturb me and what could be better than that?

On a less positive note I am on a diet. As a result of helping Ari finish his food I seem to have put on a little surplus. Once again I have been given the choice of cutting down on my dog food or on my treats. As always a no-brainer. I’ll keep the treats, I can always steal the dog food. However, life is never that simple. Today my Mistress is making marmalade. It means that the smell will be wafting through the house for hours.  Marmalade is full of sugar and she has reminded me of the saying ‘a moment on the lips a lifetime on the hips’. I am not to be allowed in the kitchen. I will not have the opportunity to cleaning up any spillages or licking the bowl out. Instead, my hips and I will have to find a quiet food free corner in which to sulk. It wouldn’t be as bad, but the little fellow is being allowed to help. I suppose I can play with his toys while he’s otherwise occupied.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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