Tuesday 10th January 2012 – Paws for thought

When Ari started life he was the smallest of the litter. His brothers and sisters were all

Paws for thought

much bigger than he was. However, I have been conducting a detailed study of his paws and I don’t think he is going to stay small. They are definitely paws to grow into and he is doing his best to meet the challenge. He asked if I thought he’d be as big as me. I considered it for a moment and studied my portly waistline and said ‘Only if you over eat!’ To be fair I’ve only got a spare kilo or two at most, but reluctantly I can see why I’ve been put on a diet. For a human they seem to worry when they can’t see their toes. I don’t know what the equivalent would be for a dog, possibly when you can’t get round to wash your rear end! I’m proud to say I haven’t let myself go to that extent. It isn’t really that I’ve let myself go at all. It’s just a mixture of Christmas overindulgence and helping young Ari with his meals. If I could take the exercise it wouldn’t be so bad. Two or three good runs and I’d be sorted. Of course, I’ve never actually done a good run in my life, but the thought is there. I’ve chased as many rabbits in my sleep as the next dog. Heart murmurs don’t get in the way of imaginary running.
It’s a good job that Ari is a morning dog and not like me. My Mistress is taking him out for a walk when she takes Andy down to the school bus stop. Megan is going too, so that should be interesting. I do hope they behave themselves. I suppose it will depend how many other dogs there are at the school bus stop.
Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind alfie@alfiedog.me.uk
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