Wednesday 12th January 2012 – Fun with apple juice

It turns out that in the situation where we have destroyed our toys, there are all sorts of

the eyes

things that can act as substitutes. The picture shows the remains of blue cow. It’s a bit eerie seeing his forlorn eyes staring up at you from the floor. It almost made me regret that we had disassociated them from the body.  Ari got it into his head that he wanted to play with an apple juice carton. Now, in itself that isn’t a major problem. However, the apple juice carton he chose was still full of apple juice. He discovered that if you carefully put your teeth through the corner you can get to the apple juice inside, one drop at a time. He also found that if you leave patches of it on the kitchen floor it can become all sticky and annoying. You can only begin to imagine how thrilled the humans were with his new game. Their comments ranged from ‘Oh, Ari!’ to ‘Do you realise how much apple juice costs? What a waste!’ They were the milder things that were said to him. Let’s just say that he won’t be in any hurry to repeat the experience.

Today we are very sorry (but delighted to) to find that Andy is off school. We’re sorry he’s poorly but Ari is very excited about having someone his own size to cuddle up with for the day. I think he’s going to curl up on the settee in the office which works well for us. We do want him to feel better, but it’s always nice to have someone to curl up with, particularly when it means there is a duvet involved.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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