Friday 13th January 2012 – Aristotle’s turn to write – In my defence…

Alfie wouldn’t let me have a go on the computer on Wednesday, but today as it is Friday 13thhe said he’d stay in bed to be on the safe side, so I can write his diary. He doesn’t generally go for superstition so I think it was just an excuse for a lie in. My Mistress muttered something about wishing I’d let her have a lie in, but I’m sure she wasn’t serious and I know she loves getting up for me early in a morning. I think I manage to avoid the problem of being tired because I sleep in the day. I can sleep in any position and yesterday my Mistress took a photo of me sleeping in a very undignified position and on a hard floor too. (I’m not completely in focus but you can get the idea)

sleeping again

I thought I should explain the pruning incident. The pear tree had a branch that was quite low down and I thought it was likely to get in the way. I’ve seen the lawn mower that they cut the grass with and it would have had difficulty getting close to the pear tree as it was. I was just helping by removing the branch. It was the same with the apple tree and the magnolia. I wasn’t intending any harm. I’ve heard stories that it was my mum who destroyed half the bush part way down the garden and I haven’t gone that far. I should just add she wasn’t even a puppy at the time.

The carton of apple juice can be explained too. I was bored with drinking water. I did clear up everything that came out onto the floor. I wasn’t just trying to leave a sticky mess and expecting someone else to do the cleaning up. Why shouldn’t I have something interesting to drink once in a while? It wasn’t as though I got down the bottle of whisky, that would have been completely inappropriate at my age!

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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