Sunday 22nd January 2012 – Only a dog can love a demon

I think I may have mentioned that my master is the demon in the village pantomime this year. He seems to be specialising in playing the part of the baddy, which if nothing else permits us to boo him at home as well as when he’s on stage. Yesterday he came home with his make up on between the matinée and evening performances. It’s a good job we dogs work by sense of smell rather than looks. If it had been based on the scary looks of the strange man that came into the house we’d have had him pinned against the wall pending further instruction. As it was, even Ari just sniffed, wagged his tail and lay down on his feet as usual.

There is of course a very clear lesson in that. To a dog it isn’t looks which are important. You can be fat, thin, old young, ugly, beautiful or even made up with red scary face paint and all a dog will care about is what sort of person is underneath. Maybe there should be a lesson for the human world in all that. I do realise that without our sense of smell you can’t start identifying people quite as easily that way, but you can start to judge a person by how kind they are underneath the surface. To a dog there is no point in you spending huge amounts of money on designer clothes, fake tans or plastic surgery. It doesn’t make a happeth of  difference to us. We just care about the person inside and respond when the person inside cares about us. We’ll love you when you’ve had a bad day and take care of you when you are upset. We’ll play with you when you are happy and lie close to you when you are tired. Even if you are a demon to everyone else.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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6 Responses to Sunday 22nd January 2012 – Only a dog can love a demon

  1. Jude Glynn says:

    Wise words indeed 🙂

  2. Alfie, if we all stopped to consider the real person and didn’t so frequently judge from first impressions and stereotypes, I imagine humans would get along much better.

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