Tuesday 24th January 2012 – Megan’s Sister has had puppies

Now in amongst all the last couple of days activities I have been a real ‘boy’ and completely forgotten to tell you that we heard from Megan’s sister and she has had a beautiful litter of four bouncing puppies. She and the puppies are doing very well. The puppies were rather larger than the ones Shadow had, but fewer in number. Megan’s sister lives in Germany. You can’t imagine how happy Megan was to hear from her and see the pictures. She has been going round showing them to everyone and proudly saying she is an aunt. It did make me think about how proud I felt when my sister Esther had her puppy and wonder where my niece is now. Maybe I should try to track her down and send her a little note from her uncle Alfie.

Ari has rather spoilt one of my favourite pastimes. I am very partial to hide chews. Ari says he is very partial to them, but he has taken to swallowing large lengths of chew and not bothering to chew pieces off first. My Mistress was horrified and rather worried that he would do himself no good. To ensure he doesn’t have any chews, chews have been taken off the menu. We have all been deprived. Now I realise we can end up leaving them lying around and he would then pick them up, but we could have been taught to put them somewhere safe out of his reach until we wanted it next time. I do feel a little annoyed with him. I told him he had to chew it thoroughly. I don’t want the little fellow doing himself any harm. He’s not so very little now. It won’t be very long before he’s as big as his mum. I don’t think she was expecting that when he was a tiny puppy and she was pushing him around!

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind alfie@alfiedog.me.uk

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